Digital Markets Act

Restoring Free and Fair Competition

The Digital Markets Act (DMA) is landmark legislation on competition law in the EU. It aims to drive bold and impactful change by ensuring a fair and open digital economy, preventing the largest online platforms from continuing to act as gatekeepers with the power to restrict competition and innovation in the EU.   

For years, Apple has leveraged scare tactics and excuses to justify its bad behavior under the guise of privacy and security. This should no longer be tolerated. The European Commission must be clear — Apple cannot be allowed to stifle competition and control consumers to pad its obscene profits. When the DMA takes effect, consumers, creators, and developers can finally be freed from Apple’s chokehold.

To restore free and fair competition, the European Commission must:



Repeal the Apple Tax

Apple currently charges a fee up to 30% of each transaction in its in-app purchase system. Eliminate the unfair fee that Apple charges competing apps and their customers.


Stop Apple’s Suppression

Apple currently restricts developers from communicating with their own customers in their own apps. Free developers to communicate with their customers about new products, deals and offers.


Prevent Apple From Favoring its own Services

Apple’s policies allow it to reject features that would improve and enhance competing services, giving its own services a competitive boost. Remove Apple’s unfair advantage over developers that have competing services.

Effective enforcement of the DMA will require Apple to compete fairly and transform the internet economy. European companies will be free to innovate. And investors will place more bets on new ideas, giving creators the freedom to offer those ideas in a truly competitive marketplace.

End Apple’s Monopoly.  Enforce the DMA.  Make them Play Fair.